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A note to users who are using Adobe Flash

Unfortunately, the support for Adobe Flash has ended on December 31, 2020.

More info can be seen on this link:

A note to users who are editing glyphs from GlyphWiki

If you see this button ([kage editor (HTML5]), the plugin is not installed. Only a limited number of options is available.

Some features (e.g. “Gothic” or “negative shapes”) may not work while using the KAGE Font Editor. Other features (e.g. rotating a glyph sample from reference) may not be available.

If the message above gives you concerns, you can ask a question at GlyphWiki:VillagePump or the admin’s talk page(User-talk:kamichi). (Anonymous users are not allowed to start a topic in GlyphWiki:VillagePump. No exceptions!)

Thank you for your understanding.

This message has been created by 用戶:creator on June 13, 2022. Translate if necessary.

You can help us to complete the English version of user guides instead.--jjanggu