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字形維基(GlyphWiki), 自由的字形數據庫
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"GlyphWiki" is a wiki system that manages information about the forms of Chinese characters (hanzi, kanji, hanja, etc.).

It is used as a link in 用戶:kamichi’s research, but it is hoped that its operations can provide as much as possible. A primary goal is that it will be a tool for collecting information on the diverse and dispersed kanji that exist in many places.

While the interface resembles that of Wikipedia on the surface, this wiki is very much unlike it. Please be aware that the License is also different.

The system is written from scratch in Perl. The wiki formatting is mostly similar to that of Yūki Hiroshi’s YukiWiki ; the ‘diff’ display of documents uses Yuki::DiffText. The URL encode/decode routine references Ohzaki Hiroki’s Perl Memo ( ). The glyph editor’s color usage references the [[Tango Icon Theme Guidelines]]. The icons next to items in lists, the login elements, and external links come from MediaWiki .

[[IPSJ-TS 0008]] is used for internal data in the “Related glyphs” sections. The [[Kanji Database Project]]’s “IDS Analysis Data” is used for the part lookup data in the glyph editor.

Font creation uses FontForge . To give IVS tables, TTX/FontTools is used.

All data on GlyphWiki are freely available and come no warranty.