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This page is a translation of GlyphWiki:お知らせ@245.

This page lists notices relating to GlyphWiki's online services or possible obstruction of the services.

New restrictions on font generation

Mainly as a countermeasure against spam, the font generation of normal font pages has been restricted to generate up to 1,000 glyphs; all other glyphs will be ignored. User-exclusive group pages are unaffected. Thank you for understanding.

(i18n) The simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and Korean websites have been provisionally launched.

As the second, third, and fourth foreign languages, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and Korean is now supported. The simplified Chinese translation was provided by farter. From now on, not only the UI but also documents need to be translated. We hope for your collaboration.

I am able to check at least individual words in Chinese, but I cannot read Korean at all. With each implementation of the data, I need someone I can trust to proofread the translations. The data maintenance uses GitHub , so it is possible to even do diff checks too.


Tutorial pages have been improved (2016/01/04)


If there are any mistakes, duplications, or problems in the organization in the description please leave a comment. In addition, I may be getting ahead of myself, but I am also introducing a change in the policy for suffixes.

  • Radical variant "-01" and variant character types "-itaiji-###" and "-var-###" can be used with all glyphs. UCS複数欄指定と異体字2種の混在は不可

Request: Please describe your speaking language

For your/our convenience, please describe what languages you can speak on your user page.

Example: 用戶:kamichi