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This page is a translation of GlyphWiki:エイリアス@3.

An alias is a setup that indicates that that glyph is located at another name’s location as well. Both names will look identical, but it keeps the two under separate names; thus, it conveniently separates glyphs into two types: the substantial glyph, which holds the glyph data, and the alias glyph, which describes a link to the substantial glyph. Multiple alias glyphs can be set up for a single substantial glyph.

An alias glyph cannot specify another alias. It will automatically be rewritten as an alias to the substantial glyph should you attempt this. Also, the target of an alias can only be the newest revision of a glyph; specific revisions cannot be specified.

If you edit an alias glyph, its relation with the substantial glyph will be undone, and it will become a separate substantial glyph instead (you can also change the alias to point at a different glyph). Because of this, when editing a glyph and keeping alias properties the same, edit the substantial glyph.

When you edit a substantial glyph, that glyph as well as all alias glyphs pointing to it will automatically update to the new version.